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Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll is the process of calculating how much to pay your employees

PAYE or “Pay as you earn” is the system operated by HMRC in UK to collect Income tax and National Insurance from employment.

Payroll expense may be the largest expense that a company incurs, especially when it is in a service industry where revenues are directly corelated with staff hours worked. With new and ever changing reporting requirements of payroll such as RTI, FPS, EPS, CIS, auto enrolment and many more this area has become complex and requires specialist software and expert knowledge. The profit margins for this service are also low that is why accountants turn way these jobs, but clients expect this to be part of their normal accountancy service. Remember once your client walks into another accountancy firm for any service that you don’t offer then it is highly likely that the new accountant will pitch for other services too.

Lanop Outsourcing has a dedicated payroll department that is up to date with all PAYE related legal reporting requirements of HMRC and processes more than 5000 payslips each month. We take care of all HMRC notices on behalf of your clients.

If requested, we give you a dedicated phone line so we can also take payroll related phone calls directly from your clients or their staff as if we were your internal payroll department.

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    You can hire our complete virtual payroll services (payroll plus pension) for as little as £3 per pay slip, get a new employee added in the company for £10, deal with any enquiries from employee over the phone for £2 per call or get a dedicated phone line for your company’s payroll department support for as little as £100 per month.


    • We will process payroll in 5 working days from the receipt of information.
    • There won’t be any fines due to noncompliance of auto enrolment or RTI reporting.

    Softwares Used 


    Are your Payroll outsourcing staff qualified?

    Yes our Payroll managers and all outsourcing staff are either part qualified accountants or fully qualified Chartered Accountants (ACA) or Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). ACCA is the fastest growing accountancy qualification in Pakistan. 

    Lanop Outsourcing has invested heavily in building its outsourcing office. One of our partner who had been running practice for over 10 years has permanently stationed himself in Pakistan to train local staff. Lanop Outsourcing ACCA platinum approved employer.

    Do I get a dedicated payroll manager?

    Yes – if you have hired a payroll manager on continued basis.
    If you will be hiring our payroll outsourcing services on per payslip rate or job by job basis then you may not deal with same payroll manager as we have over 15 Payroll Managers working for us.

    Will my Payroll Manager visit me?

    No – Our Payroll Managers work remotely from our offices in UK (London) and Pakistan (Lahore)

    How will I contact my outsourcing staff?

    Your outsourcing staff member will be available to talk to you through the following:

    1. Voip telephone system
    2. Skype audio and video call
    3. Microsoft sharepoint teamview
    4. Emails
    Who will set up my Payroll system if your payroll manager works remotely?

    One of our Financial accountant or senior Partner will arrange a face to face meeting at our London office or your premise to understand your accountancy and payroll department requirements. He will then help you with your payroll system set up.

    How will information be transferred?

    We use Microsoft sharepoint, dropbox, emails and remote servers to transfer information.

    If I hire full time dedicated Payroll Manager what will be the working hours?

    It will be same as local bookkeeper i.e. 9AM to 5PM UK time.

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