How it will work


From cloud-based accounting software to getting a reward for referring us to future clients, outsourcing has never been so easy.

If you’re hoping to forward your information to Lanop Outsourcing but you’re unsure as to how you can send all your data and documents to our accounting offices, there are four different options to choose from:

Option 1



Scan your client documents and upload it on our secured server in the exclusive folder for your accoutancy firm.


Our accountants will login to teh serveto download the data and will process the data


Final files will be uploaded back on our secure server for you to download them.

Option 2



Simply email us your clients data


Our accountants will process the data


Final files will be emailed to you.

Option 3



Give us access to your computer via remote desktop connection.


Our accountants will fetch data required and will process the same


Final files will be kept on your computer on a patch you wish.

Option 4



Give us access to your cloud based accounting software.


Our accountants will process the data on the could based software


You can download reports directly from the cloud based software.

How to forward your information to us

  • You can scan and upload your data in SharePoint (an incredibly secure cloud-based Microsoft 365 service)
  • Send it via email or
  • Post it to our UK address


As a chartered accounting firm, Lanop Outsourcing is responsible for the security of your clients’ data – a responsibility we take very seriously. Please read the steps that we take below, so you can be rest assured that your data is 100% safe with us.

  • Lanop Outsourcing is fully compliant with GDPR, the EU’s data protection regulation.
  • As a limited company that is operating and registered in the UK, we’re bound to this country’s stringent confidentiality regulations.
  • We have procedures in place, ensuring that we stay up-to-date with future data protection regulations.
  • We conduct thorough training for all our staff on the safe-handing of data, which is in-line with GDPR regulations.

Lanop Outsourcing & Cyber Security

Lanop Outsourcing has the following cyber security and best practice procedures in place, which are observed across all branches:

  • Detailed disaster recovery plans
  • Regular back-ups of your data on our secure UK servers
  • All Lanop Outsourcing servers are located in the UK, and comply with the highest security standards
  • All computers are secured by multiple levels of password protection
  • Computers are monitored using activity monitoring software


  • USB ports and DVD/CD drives are disabled
  • Data will be removed at the customers’ request
  • All staff are trained in data protection.
  • NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are signed by all staff members.
  • Independent security screening is conducted for all new members of staff.



  • Telephone
  • Skype (VOIP)
  • E-mail



  • Our professional team of qualified chartered accountants have been serving clients since 2009
  • We can offer a very competitive price for high-quality work
  • We provide you with a dedicated outsourcing team
  • Our Google rating of nearly five-stars reflects our clients’ satisfaction.
  • We are fully GDPR-compliant

Accounting software

Lanop Outsourcing has the following cyber security and best practice procedures in place, which are observed across all branches:




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Referrals: Get a reward for recommending Lanop Outsourcing to future clients!

Most of our new customers approach us after getting a recommendation from our existing clients. This not only helped Lanop Outsourcing grow as a business, but also confirmed the fact that our clients are extremely happy with the work that we do, and the services that we provide.

We also get referrals through our professional network and events. We are always looking to grow, which is why we have established a successful and tested referral program. Help us to expand our network, and we will happily reward you for your kind reference.