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Year End Statutory Accounts Preparation Outsourcing

Simplify Your Year End Rush

Year end is the busiest time of year for accountants as you aim to complete and compile Statutory Accounts for all of your client at the same time meaning late nights, seasonal staff and for any clients out side of your normal sectors, often a lot of research too.

Lanop Outsourcing, provides a complete year end accounts function, with more than 15 qualified financial accountants with experience across every sector.

Our team can save you 60% vs onshore staff, providing a skilled on demand team to manage your overflow, while enabling you to streamline your service maximising productivity and efficiency. All without the late nights.

We can even communicate with your clients directly via one your companies email accounts, saving you the need to send out those constant reminder emails.

Service more clients across more sectors without juggling cashflow for extra staff or spending all hours in the office come year end. Just use the contact form to get a free no obligation quote and see how much time you could save.

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Our Year end statutory accounts outsourcing services can be hired by project from as little as £250 per client for a non vat registered business and £400 for vat registered business or employ a dedicated Financial Accountant for as little as £2,000 per month. *discounted if we handle your bookkeeping.


  • We will prepare statutory year end accounts for your client within 28 working days of receiving all of the information on our checklist.
  • There wont be any missed Companies house or HMRC deadlines for corporation tax return.
  • Every set of accounts are peer reviewed by a second financial accountant to ensure the highest quality.

Softwares Used 


Are your Financial Accountant qualified?

Yes our Financial Accountants are all qualified Chartered Accountants (ACA) or Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). ACCA is the fastest growing accountancy qualification in Pakistan. 

Lanop Outsourcing has invested heavily in building its outsourcing office. One of our partner who had been running practice for over 10 years in UK has permanently stationed himself in Pakistan to train local staff. Lanop Outsourcing is a ACCA platinum approved employer.

Do I get a dedicated Financial Accountant?

Yes – if you have hired a Financial Accountant on continued basis.
If you will be hiring our statutory accounts year end outsourcing services on per job basis then you may not deal with same Financial Accountant as we have over 12 Financial Accountants working for us.

Will my Financial Accountant visit me?

No – Our Financial Accountant works remotely from our offices in UK (London) and Pakistan (Lahore)

Who will set up my outsourcing contract with your firm if your Financial Accountant works remotely?

One of our Senior Partner will arrange a face to face meeting at our London office or your premise to understand your accountancy and statutory year end accounts requirements of your clients. He will also understand your procedures and preferred mode of communications. He will then help you with your complete statutory year end accounts outsourcing set up and will ensure that there is smooth transition of work.

How will I contact my outsourcing staff?

Your outsourcing staff member will be available to talk to you through the following:

  • Voip telephone system
  • Skype audio and video call
  • Microsoft sharepoint teamview
  • Emails
How will information be transferred?

We work on cloud based bookkeeping softwares such as Xero, Sage, Kashflow, Quickbooks and Zoho. Our FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT managers will have his own login to your account or will use your login credentials however it suits you. 
We use Microsoft sharepoint, dropbox, emails and remote servers to transfer information.

If I hire full time dedicated FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT Manager what will be the working hours?

It will be same as local bookkeeper i.e. 9AM to 5PM UK time.

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