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Quality Work, Delivered on Time

Lanop Outsourcing completes all jobs within their allocated target times. By choosing us to do all your accountancy work for you, we can help spare you the headache of missing important deadlines by advising you on which payments are due and when. In doing so, we can help you avoid any potential penalties, so the stress of worrying about meeting certain deadlines is taken completely off your shoulders, and put onto ours.

Confidentiality and Security

Lanop Outsourcing is GDPR-compliant in all its operations, and we sign strict confidentiality agreements with our clients, ensuring that you will be the only point of contact for us. All of our members are given training in data protection, have signed NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), and are independently security screened before their commencement of employment.

100% Reliability (and no Penalties to Pay)

Your dedicated account manager will ensure all of your clients’ statutory deadlines are met, avoiding any financial penalties due to late fillings of PAYE, VAT returns, corporation taxes and annual accounts. In the most urgent cases, our members of staff will work evenings, weekends, and even during bank holidays to ensure that all necessary deadlines are met.


Testimonial 4

I never liked the idea of outsourcing my work and that is mostly down to bad experience in past. My health was declining, and I wasn’t spending enough time with my family. I wanted to retire and was weighing the idea of selling my fees, but Lanop Outsourcing have extended my working life. I can still go play with my grandson, enjoy my weekly golf and still service all my old and new clients.

Mr Riccardo
from RS Accountants in Leatherhead

Testimonial 5

I have been offering bookkeeping services to small businesses. I love being self employed as I can pick my hours and can grow my business. I do not like to work for others. My business started to grow as a result of recommendations, but I did not have enough hours to service new clients. I couldn’t afford to employ anyone. I contacted Lanop Outsourcing because I wanted their help with the statutory accounts. Now they don’t only look after all my clients’ statutory compliances (accounts, corporation tax returns, self-assessments and payroll) but also help me with bookkeeping.

Ulla Weaver
Bookkeeper from Hangerlane

Testimonial 6

I have been running my practice since 2014. I had two full time staff members. Last time I hired a staff member in 2016. I signed up to Lanop Outsourcing in 2019 and since then we have hired two additional staff members which actually means they helped me expand. With Aurangzaib’s guidance, I was able to increase my sales and profit margin which helped my business expand and focus on other business development activities.

Sole Practitioner from Battersea

Testimonial 7

We have been expanding through acquisitions and have been using outsourcing for 3 years. We know the pitfalls of using off shore outsourcing firm. Lanop Outsourcing has all the quality control benefits of onshore and competitive pricing of off shore outsource partner.

Sean W
Accountancy Franchise MD Manchester

Testimonial 8

“A client of ours, a dairy farm, wanted to increase capacity through acquiring another dairy farm in the midlands. Lanop Outsourcing’s team assisted us with a thorough analysis of the dairy-farming landscape, including a very comprehensive competitive analysis and value chain analysis of the dairy industry. Based on their analysis and recommendations our client was able to mitigate the risks involved with the acquisition such as paying more than the real value of the business and was able to achieve the desired goal of more than 70% increase in capacity.”

Business Consultant


What is the significance of a P11D form?

What is the significance of a P11D form?

 What is a P11D form? A P11D form copy is issued by UK employers to employees mentioning any ‘benefits in kind’ they receive and is sent to the HMRC for compliance purposes. These benefits in kind are services or items that are not included in salaries or wages and...


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