Lanop’s self-assessment outsourcing and accounting services

The tax advisors at Lanop Outsourcing’s office have experience in dealing with various accounting matters related to filing tax returns and self-assessment forms, and we have witnessed first-hand how self-assessment can be a complicated administrative burden for many people. So if you’re in dire need of accounting assistance and advice when it comes to self-assessment, Lanop Outsourcing’s tax advisors can not only provide you with information on filing your personal or corporation’s tax return, we can also help you make better tax-effective decisions as well.

In case you weren’t already aware, for better compliance, it’s important that:

  • Tax returns are completed both professionally and correctly
  • Tax returns are filed timely in order to meet certain deadline requirements
  • Back-up records are maintained for a certain time period
  • Lanop Outsourcing can provide support in filling your tax return online, and, we can even advise you on your current tax position as well.

    Top self-assessment accounting services from Lanop Outsourcing’s tax advisors

    Top self-assessment accounting services from Lanop Outsourcing’s tax advisors

  • Complete your tax computation and return
  • Estimate your tax liability
  • Advise you on payments and procedures
  • Communicate on your behalf with HMRC so you can focus all your time on your work
  • Lanop Outsourcing has designed tax return computation and filing services that will suit your clientele, and are compliant with the UK tax law. We have filed thousands of corporation and personal tax returns, so our advisors are best placed to discuss and advise you on your client’s tax affairs. This means your clients will get double assurance on your proposed tax structure, and you can be rest assured that none of your clients will pay more than they are due in taxes

    Documents needed in order to file your tax returns:

    Some of the many documents you will need to provide for our tax return filing services include:

  • Bank statements/software backup (if applicable)
  • VAT returns (if applicable)
  • Business description (if you’re a sole trader)
  • Details of income (P60/P45)
  • Details of other income (rental income, non-savings income, etc.)
  • Details of business expenses relating to other income
  • A copy of last year’s tax returns
  • If you’ve got your work cut out for you when it comes to figuring out how to file your self-assessment or tax return forms, then let us do the work for you. Give Lanop Outsourcing a call today so we can advise you on your current tax situation, and help you get a step ahead on your taxes!

    Other Outsourcing Services

    Book Keeping

    The accountants at our Lanop Outsourcing accounting office have the expertise to prove that accounting is one of the most important functions for any company, as it allows a firm to keep better track of their financial operations and business efficiency.

    Financial Accounts Outsourcing Services

    Process your year-end statutory accounts quickly and easily with the help of our expert team of accountants at Lanop Outsourcing.

    Management Accounts Outsourcing

    Having up to date management and financial information on your business is critical and enables effective and informed decisions to be made in a timely manner, allowing you to develop and grow your business and focus on the future.

    Out Sourced Pension and Auto Enrollment

    Government-introduced workplace pension provision is mandatory for all employers. There's no avoiding it. If you employ at least one person, you have a legal duty to set up pension schemes for your employees and contribute towards it.

    Payroll Services

    We will guarantee that the payrolls are processed in a timely and accurate manner whilst ensuring full legislative compliance in all PAYE related matters and Auto Enrolment if required.

    Self Assessment

    If you work as a sole trader you will be required to keep aside some money for tax each year, which is detailed by your Self-Assessment Return . Therefore, it’s very important to be aware of income tax thresholds and the National Insurance Contributions (NICs) you will be liable to pay.